What You Need to Know About Candida Before Getting Pregnant

Sadly, in this day and age, nearly every baby is born infected with candida. Candida, and mercury toxicity, can both be passed along to the baby during pregnancy. Since candida feeds on estrogen, and since estrogen is usually elevated during pregnancy, the candida infection gets extremely acute during that time.

Thus, in order for your baby to be born healthy and free of any infections & toxins, you need to: a) detoxify mercury and other heavy metals from your body, and, b) eliminate candida overgrowth in your body. It is strongly recommended that you spend a few months or a year following a program like The Candida Crusher Program and detoxifying your body from all toxins and heave metals before getting pregnant, to minimize the chance of passing any toxicity along to the baby.

The reason why it is best to detoxify your body from both mercury and candida before pregnancy is that detoxifying while you’re either pregnant or breastfeeding will result in the toxins being passed to the baby either during pregnancy or through the breast milk. So, if you plan to get pregnant anytime soon, the best time to detoxify and eliminate your candida is now.

To learn how you can start detoxifying your body from mercury and eliminate your candida infection, check out The Candida Crusher Program for the fastest, most effective methods for eliminating candida and detoxifying mercury.