What Can We Do Starting Today to Heal From Candida

There are a few things that we can start doing right this moment to make serious progress with our battle against candida. These things include the following:

1. Remove dental mercury or “silver” fillings. If you have “silver” fillings in your mouth, the absolute best thing you can do for your candida infection and your overall health is to remove them immediately. Studies show that the mercury migrates right through the teeth into the bloodstream. This can be seriously detrimental to our health and can cause all kinds of havoc in our bodies, from major hormonal imbalances to depression and suicidal behaviors & thoughts. Most importantly, the mercury in our blood feeds the candida cells, and therefore they won’t be completely destroyed if the mercury stays in our blood. The dangers of mercury toxicity cannot be underestimated

Thus, while you are getting your candida under control, you need to get the mercury out of your body first by removing the fillings, and then by detoxifying the mercury that is in your bloodstream. Detoxifying mercury from your body is just as important as removing the fillings, otherwise the mercury will remain in your blood. The Candida30 program comprehensively teaches how you can get the mercury out of your body as quickly and safely as possible, and how to find a dentist who is qualified in safely removing mercury fillings.

2. Schedule a colon hydrotherapy session today (also called “colonic”). Our bodies are not designed to eliminate toxins in such extreme amounts as these we have in our bodies and are exposed to today. Therefore, we need to assist our bodies in the elimination of toxins so that we can detoxify ourselves faster than we can on our own.

If you don’t clean your colon, you’ll just re-absorb most toxins and any detoxified mercury and dead candida cells back into your body. Toxins, during the detoxification process, end up in the colon to be eliminated from the body, but if the colon is not clean, they will be reabsorbed back into the body.

Simply Google “colon hydrotheraphy” or “colonics” in your city, and schedule a visit for today. You will feel amazing afterward.

3. Avoid eating sugar. As you probably already know, sugar feeds the candida cells. You need to avoid eating anything that contains sugar for your symptoms to not become worse and to prevent what is commonly called a “break-out” or a “flare-up” of your symptoms. Anything that contains the sugars sucrose, fructose and glucose should be avoided, as these are the sugars that feed the candida. You can, however, enjoy other natural sweeteners that do not feed candida.

There are several other things you can do today that will bring about tremendous improvements in your condition and help you heal yourself from candida much faster. To learn all the other most effective methods for healing candida, check out the Candida Crusher Program and start healing yourself today.