The Causes of Candida

Candida can have one, or more than one, cause. The most common I have seen were mercury toxicity and a long-term high-sugar diet, however candida also can be partially caused by other things. The following are some of the most common causes of a candida infection:

1. Mercury toxicity.

2. Previous use of Antibiotics. Antibiotics are just that: anti-bio-tics. They are unnatural ways to kill harmful bacteria and other organisms in our bodies, but they come with a cost: they also kill all the beneficial bacteria that our bodies desperately need for immunity, proper digestion and overall inner balance. Once our healthy bacteria are killed off, our health, and ultimately our life, is no longer the same. The absence of healthy bacteria in our guts creates a perfect environment for the candida to grow and thrive. The Candida30 Program explains in great detail how to rebuild and how to keep multiplying the amounts of healthy bacteria in our guts.

3. High sugar diet.

4. Overdrinking of alcohol. Alcohol is dehydrating, acidic and creates more candida cells.

5. Other drugs such as Cortisone and Heparin

6. Anything that manipulates our hormones such as estrogen and birth control pills.

7. Stress. Stress is a huge factor in keeping the candida alive. It elevates cortisol, which in turn elevates blood sugar (glucose) and feeds the yeast.

8. Born with candida. Candida and mercury toxicity are passed along during pregnancy. Thus, sadly, you can be born with candida and be struggling with it your whole life without knowing it. In this day and age, we need to be careful and take full responsibility not only for our health but also for the health of the babies that we bring to this world. We need to wisely prepare our bodies for pregnancy, rather than be irresponsible and allow our poor decisions to victimize and sabotage the health of another innocent soul.

If you’ve had one of the above causes in your life and would like to start reversing the damage that’s been done to your body and start healing your candida today, check out The Candida Crusher Program to start getting this nasty infection handled.