How Candida Can Cause Early Menopause

To avoid the onset of early menopause, which is lately becoming more prevalent, we need to have healthy hormone levels and peak hormone health. However, that is not possible when our candida is out of control. Unless we stop feeding the candida, we can never have the femininity that is inherently ours. Being a truly feminine woman is not possible without healthy hormones.

The early menopause symptoms most women experience are because their hormones are out of balance. Candida promotes these imbalances in hormones. It has a protein that binds up to the estrogen, and thus can deplete our bodies’ estrogen and cause us to not have enough. Further, candida also it produces its own false estrogen – an estrogen look-alike. When that happens, the body will think that it has enough and stop producing estrogen. When this keeps happening over a long period of time, for months or years, major hormone imbalances start to develop. It is these imbalances that cause early menopause to happen.

In order to balance our hormone levels and have great hormone health, we need to start by eliminating candida from our bodies, and then build up healthy hormone levels. The Candida Crusher Program is a great program to follow for eliminating the candida infection and attaining peak hormone health.