About Me

Candida-CrusherA few years ago, I made the decision to start improving my health for the sake of being more focused. I slowly started reading about different healthy diets and started to gain deeper insights about diet and nutrition; eventually I uncovered some of the universal truths in the worlds of health and nutrition. I slowly started improving my diet and seeing significant progress. I cut out junk food, white flour, and refined sugars. My mood started getting better, and I was feeling much better than before. I was less depressed, more energetic, and had a lot more clarity and focus. I kept tweaking my diet and seeing improvements. I thought I had conquered health. At that time, I was on a raw vegan diet, and thought I was the healthiest person on earth.

I still, however, had some unusual symptoms that I accepted as normal. For example, and even though I was seeing major improvements in this area, I was very often still extremely depressed, and I just attributed it to psychological factors and dissatisfaction with life. I also started itching a lot, especially near my genitals and my toenails. I thought that was normal too. (I thought the genital itch was from shaving.) I had heard about candida, but never suspected that I would have it. After all, I’ve been on what I thought was a perfect diet for a while. How could I have such a disease?

One day, I just got sick of my itching, and started researching what could be the cause. I read somewhere that my symptoms could be related to candida. At that time, I was ready to accept that I had candida, and my intuition lead me to do so. So I did. I cut all sugar and went on a strict diet right away.

In a few days, my itch disappeared.

I was baffled. All these years I thought I was on a perfect diet, when in reality I was doing more harm to myself than good. While I was on a raw vegan diet, I was eating abundant amounts of fruits every day, which are loaded with sugar. I thought that “natural” sugar is okay and in fact healthy, so I just overdosed on fruits. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The amount of sugar I was eating caused my candida (which I believe I already had since years before) to become very acute, which manifested in such symptoms as the itching and the extreme depression. These symptoms all went away as soon as I cut sugar from my diet, but they would always come back when I ate a little bit of sugar.

I stayed away from sugar for a while, and gradually, I started feeling much, much better. It was like I was transforming into a different person. I never thought that diet could have such an effect on one’s state of mind and happiness.

I kept seeing small improvements over time, however I would still get the symptoms back whenever I ate anything sweet, even if it was literally a handful of berries. I knew then that something was still wrong and needs to be fixed.

So I researched more. I kept asking experts on the topic and reading books, until someone shared their experience with me. He told me you could never get rid of candida completely until they removed the mercury fillings in your mouth and detoxified the mercury from your body. That was the most significant health discovery I ever came across. Mercury was the culprit. Not sugar.

As I pondered this further, it struck me that I started having my unusual depression and crying attacks very shortly after I had my first mercury fillings. Ever since then I was inflicted with a deadly depression that I endured for years without knowing what was wrong with me.

I already had my mercury fillings removed before knowing this, but I never knew that I had to proactively “detoxify” the mercury from the body. The doctor said that it would just go away by itself, which was wrong. I still had a considerable level of mercury in my bloodstream, which is why I was never able to get rid of candida completely – no matter how extremely hard I tried. Candida will never leave if mercury is present; it feeds on mercury.

As time went by, and as I researched and read every health book I could lay my hands on and attended every health seminar I could, I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I found out ways to quickly detoxify mercury from my body. I learned how to strengthen my immune system to the point that would make eliminating the candida a no-brainer. I discovered so many things that had a great effect on my health, and started doing them most or all of them, every day. That was when I won the battle against candida and started experiencing a level of health that I never thought was possible. It was and still is unbelievable.

Months later, and as I reflected back on my experience with candida, mercury and diet, I started offering people advice on how to heal their candida. I was offering them information that I wish I had known when I first started. I realized that I knew about several cutting-edge strategies that, if combined together and done simultaneously, would have a dangerously powerful destroying effect on candida and completely eliminate it from the body.